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Sometimes school is stressful...

                         but we tap into the J*O*Y of learning!

The Clifton Corner is a wholistic learning center that supports and celebrates each student as gifted and unique. Through the tools of Social and Emotional Intelligence, Sandra cultivates empathy, resilience, curiosity, courage, and creativity in young people.

Many learning centers operate much like an 'emergency room' for education, to fix flaws and raise scores--after parents become alarmed that their child is not "performing up to potential." As a response to school stress, students are often dissected, labeled, and urged to "remedy the problem" of their underachievement.  But Sandra believes that young people are fun, not flawed, and that teens are incredibly creative and capable.  Frequently, it is society's approach to education that is broken--and sometimes kids just need a little help to navigate and negotiate through a tough situation.  This shift at school often starts through making positive changes on the inside, by developing stronger self-esteem through learned optimism, and by making different choices on the outside with personal planning, study habits, nutrition, organization, rest, and healthy relationships.

The Clifton Corner takes an Eastern approach to education through wholistic learning with each session, we increase academic confidence by identifying what is working--not what is weak.  Instead of emphasizing external achievement, we focus on the inner joy of learning. Clients at the Corner are treated as gifted individuals with multiple types of intelligence.  Corner Kids are coached how to consistently prepare for class, develop new tools for thinking, engage in the journey of discovery, and create innovative approaches to problem-solving. As a result, independent, optimistic individuals emerge in the place of formerly stressed students who were anxiety-ridden about their ability to jump through the next intellectual “hoop” or struggling to find their voice in the crowd...

Through building new connections of neuroplasticity in the brain, Sandra empowers kids to recognize and exercise their unique potential and develop academic integrity, gifts of leadership, and personal resilience. The Clifton Corner is a safe space for kids in the 2nd-12th grades to strengthen their core values and explore their eclectic vision.  Professionally trained and certified, Sandra is an expert guide to support your family in the journey of learning.

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Clifton Corner does not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, gender identity/expression, citizenship, ethnic or national origin, age, disability, or sexual orientation in providing services.

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