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 •  Are you dismayed by the lack of enthusiasm and/or energy your son or daughter expresses
 PCS_sixth_grade   about school?

 •  Does your daughter/son have trouble anticipating projects and meeting     due dates?

 •  Are you constantly pushing your child for more personal investment on
    assignments and extra-curricular opportunities?

 •  Is your child tired of “trying his best” and still not receiving positive     results for his effort in class?

 •  Do you struggle to understand teachers’ expectations and comments for     your daughter/son’s essays and reports?

 •  Are you at a loss about how to guide your child towards success at            
    school, and overwhelmed by a variety of academic demands?      

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If you have answered “Yes” to any of these questions, individualized attention at the Clifton Corner will help your child improve his or her academic investment on a variety of levels.

Sandra creates a unique learning plan with your family and facilitates communication with teachers
to address your child’s specific needs and learning style!

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star Educational Therapy is different from "traditional tutoring":

A tutor can be considered proficient in a specific subject area, but rarely has extensive educational training and/or experience in the classroom.  

While tutoring helps a student fill in “gaps” that have occurred as a result of poor instruction and/or a faulty understanding of concepts taught during the week, sessions at the Corner create the bridge to build life-long tools for effective problem-solving, solid time-management, and enriched critical thinking that are essential for success in today's dynamic world.

Almost every student today needs strategic support at some point to help him/her tackle the expectations for excellence. Both public and private schools are raising standards in many classes, and often not providing additional time to complete projects or establishing writing/learning centers as an opportunity to get assistance.

JuliaBstar Sandra has completed over 20 years of training to support your child's learning needs:

Not only does Sandra have over 17 years experience as a full-time teacher, she is also trained in Orton-Gillingham and SRSD techniques with evidence-based practices and expert interventions.

Sandra is certified in Special Education and serves Twice Exceptional students with a variety of learning challenges. She is an active member of the Association of Educational Therapists, both locally and nationally.  Please read about this organization and its efforts at this link.  You can also visit this website at AET to learn more.

"Neurons that are exercised get stronger and develop more connections."  

-Elaine Fletcher-Janzen, Ed.D


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