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College Testimonials


Here are a few testimonials from students who worked with Sandra on their college essays:

“With the whirlwind of changes over the past seven years, I still remember the days sitting in your senior composition class, soaking in grammatical rules and research techniques. Your teaching was so beneficial when I began to pursue this path in college and I wanted to express my gratitude to you. I have written many essays, research papers, and sermons since high school, and without your guidance and teaching, I don’t know if I would have been able to write them at all.”

     ~Andy King, North Central High School–Class of 2001

"I've risen beyond the point where I'm always (or even often) the smartest guy in the room. By the standards of my peers, my research insight and productivity is firmly middle of the pack. My competitive edge is my language skills, specifically my ability to write. I can effectively describe problems, outline solutions, discuss the impact of my results. This gives me an inherent advantage when submitting work and allows me to fulfill a needed and appreciated role when collaborating with others. I ascribe this ability in part to the English teachers of my past. As my freshman English teacher, that makes you the foundation. I believe I owe you quite a bit..."

     ~Matt Staats, PhD Candidate at the University of Minnesota, Lawson High School, Class of 2002

“For most students, applying to college is an extremely difficult and stressful process that takes over most of their junior and senior years of high school. Whether you apply to one school or twelve schools, waiting for the mail everyday could give you a heart attack. I am a person that doesn’t allow myself to get stressed out, but my thoughts tend to be extremely scattered, which is where Ms. Clifton came in. I knew what I wanted to write about but I didn’t know exactly how to make my thoughts clear to the admissions counselors. Even though grades and SAT scores are a huge part of whether you get accepted to a school or not, from my experience, if you write a great essay, that can make a huge difference. Ms. Clifton helped me organize all my thoughts and present a synthesized essay, which I believed pushed my applications over the edge. I am going to the University of Colorado at Boulder, where I was told they had 27,000 applicants and only accepted about 5,000 students and I am thrilled to be one of them. I appreciate everything she did for me and could not have done it without her.”  

     ~Michaela Goldin, Professional Children’s School, Class of 2008

"Sandra Clifton helped me with my essay skills, study habits, and all-around support with all the challenges and difficulties of high school.  With her fantastic tips, I was able to write a successful college essay and tons of supplements for all the colleges I’m applying to.  I was accepted (and won a scholarship for academic achievement) to Eckerd College in St. Petersburg, Florida.  I couldn’t have passed with flying colors in high school if it were not for her drive to see her students excel, in and out of the classroom...If Sandra has not been with me every step of the way throughout this whole college process, it would have been difficult. Without Sandra, this process would have been treacherous and rough but with her help and devotion, I was able to meet all my deadlines, write amazing essays, and keep from getting too overwhelmed with the idea of “college.”  Now no matter what happens next, I know I Got IN!"

     ~Polly Rittenberg, Berkekley Carroll School, Class of 2009

“Ms. Clifton tutored me during my senior year of high school while I was not only swamped with work from my rigorous senior year courses but also college essays and practice essays for my English SAT II. Under her tutelage, I learned that writing wasn’t a gift that I unfortunately had not acquired, but a skill that people could become proficient at if they learned to properly proofread their work and strongly voice their opinions in their writing. Since working with Ms. Clifton I have completed my freshman year of college. I took a number of writing courses where I received no less than a “B” on any written assignment. I attribute part of my success to Ms. Clifton. She really analyzes individual strengths and weaknesses when tutoring students instead of just following a cookie cutter tutoring method. I would recommend Ms. Clifton to anyone who would like to improve their writing skills.”

     ~Nichole Davis, Brearley School, Class of 2007

“I didn’t even want to touch my college supplements until I talked to Miss Clifton. I applied to a total of twenty-one colleges and would not have been able to complete more than five applications without Miss C’s guidance. Not only has she helped with my essays and organizational skills during the regular school year, but 'college crunch time' was taking over my life and her support made such a difference.”

     ~Kaleem Jones, Packer Collegiate Institute, Class of 2010

“I was overwhelmed the first day I walked into her office in September but we got right into the process of talking about what I want to show about myself through the college essay. Together, we made lists of everything I liked about myself and how I wanted the College Board to perceive me. Miss C has always done a great job of understanding exactly who I am and what I’m feeling. Every week we would crack down on supplements.”

     ~Guy Martin, Poly Prep Country Day School, Class of 2009

“Because Miss Clifton is organized and dedicated, she kept me on top of my due dates and made sure I never did anything at the last minute. In the end, I was accepted to the school that was first choice. Now that I have gotten into Gettysburg College, I am excited for next fall and can truly enjoy my last semester in high school!”   

     ~Julia Superka, Poly Prep, Class of 2009

“As a sophomore in a private school in Brooklyn, our son was one of the first students who attended tutorials at the Clifton Corner. Our family can attest to the outstanding support and help he received over three years. Sandra Clifton correctly assessed that his issues involved improving my son’s confidence, and she spent time brainstorming priorities around his various academic demands, helping our son to better organize his time and plan ahead for assignments and projects. Sandra’s support and feedback to him and us helped enormously. Later, as a senior, one of Sandra’s extended tutoring staff in calculus and physics greatly helped our son to master this material in college-prep math and science; as a result, our son not only understood these concepts but was then able to show it on his tests. Finally, Sandra was a supportive and insightful resource during senior year as he navigated applying to colleges. He relied on her for feedback on the multiple college essays, as well as exploring the merits of various schools. Because they knew one another so well, Sandra coached our son to express himself grammatically as well as to highlight his personality in the essays more than his college counselor and English teacher could. We are thrilled to report that he was accepted and/or wait-listed to every college he applied, and launched into freshman year this fall as a responsible, independent young adult in the college of his choice with a sizable scholarship, due in part to the outstanding support from Sandra Clifton and the Clifton Corner.”

     ~From a Park Slope Parent/Corner Client with a College Freshman


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