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As March brings (much needed) signs of spring, I wanted to let you know of options for summer support at the Corner!  There are three "bridge programs" in development:  one for rising 5th graders going into middle school; another for rising 9th graders starting high school; and a third for rising seniors who are facing The Common App Personal Statement, supplemental essays, and college choices!

Because I have a cozy space, classes are small and can be tailored for families to fit their children's specific learning needs and school curriculum--so please take a look at the first program, "Ready Readers & Resilient Writers," and let me know if you're interested in creating some wonderful opportunities for learning at the Corner this summer!

Ready Readers & Resilient Writers~!
Summer Support at the Clifton Corner
for Rising 5th Graders

Students who could “benefit from a boost” before beginning middle school are encouraged to apply for Summer Enrichment at the Clifton Corner.  Small-group instruction will be offered to help rising 5th graders develop better reading, writing, and critical thinking strategies through a curriculum of individualized attention and creative activities.  Participants are supported in a nurturing environment to build tools for stronger self-esteem, perseverance, and academic confidence for a smooth and successful transition to middle school.


Ready Readers—will shift from 'learning to read' to reading to learn.  Students will identify core components of literature to better understand theme, characterization, plot development, setting, figurative language, point of view, and an author’s artistic/social agenda.  The technique of “FIREWORKS” will be incorporated to support active reading techniques, improve working memory, and boost risk-taking through participating in dynamic small-group discussions.


Resilient Writers—will be guided through the process of writing:  evidence-based techniques in a workshop setting—to explore composition through modeling and independent practice of “perfect paragraphs” and extended essays.  Students will learn to active prior knowledge, develop brainstorming strategies, incorporate graphic organizers, identify revision techniques, and gain additional reinforcement for effective editing skills and grammar proficiency.

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Space is limited, and families are encouraged to contact Sandra immediately for more information concerning tuition costs and specific dates, which will be tailored to meet the eclectic summer schedules of actual enrollees.  Students can participate in either the AM –or– PM instruction, and are encouraged to enroll in both classes—which will be held for two weeks in July, and possibly again in August.

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