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• All individuals have unique gifts, which are meant to be valued and shared with the world.

• Intelligence is not fixed! IQ is a dynamic, ever-changing expression of understanding, which can manifest in over sixteen different forms, some of which have not yet been discovered and/or defined.

• The galaxy we have least explored is the human brain, which has unlimited potential.

• Every day is an opportunity to grow dendrites in the mind, developing new connections, where only empty matter existed between neurons the day before. All matter is energy and therefore each atom in an individual has potential to be changed into a positive force, with which to move forward.

• Thinking is much different from performing and/or memorizing: it involves independent questioning, exploring, and risk-taking. No standardized test or assessment can put a value on the possibility of an individual to create and connect in mysterious and wonderful ways.

• The world is a dynamic, always-changing, global society that demands focus on the ever-increasing capacity for creation, innovation, and exploration (vs. reinforcing obsolete ideas and/or actions).

• Individuals are capable of unlimited learning, which means that they not only can meet external standards but exceed them, through tapping into positive energy provided by supportive sources: parents, teachers, tutors, coaches, and the larger community.

• All learning is sparked from within, through celebrating the gift of each individual’s life, and tapping into a spirit of joy.


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