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Using the tools of Emotional Intelligence mastered through certification and training at Yale University, Sandra guides families in transition to embrace techniques of improved communication, rapport, and support for each other.  Often acting as a “teen translator,” Sandra builds a bridge to help parents better understand the demanding and conflicted world of young people.  Expectations and assumptions about a teen’s journey can prevent adults from truly connecting with their children, and Sandra provides the “voice” that some young people need in order to regain balance at home and school.

Family Consultations are also instrumental in re-establishing boundaries of respect and alignment with values in the home.  Sandra helps parents to outline positive parameters for young people so that they can re-focus on the priorities and goals that are distinct to their family’s legacy and become anchored to a greater vision of harmony—rather than feeling pulled and pressured by society’s definitions of happiness and success.

A Family Consultation can also provide direction and suggestions to resolve current issues at school, and provide a path for resolving tension with teachers.  As a result of this meeting, families leave with strategies for establishing harmony at home through better engagement at school.  Sometimes parents and students are also encouraged to consider other options for a different academic envrionment, and steps are provided for pursuing either an exit strategy or the application process.



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