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100_0134star  Improve Executive Functioning:

•   Develop skills and strategies for effective time-management.

•   Balance daily demands through using a planner/calendar.

•   Strengthen study habits, both in and out of school.

•   Invest quality effort and improve attention to detail on assignments.

•   Improve follow-through of turning in assignments on time.

•   Enhance focus for test preparation of midterms and finals.

•   Maintain a clean backpack and categorized binders with folders.

Sandra_and_Jane_Presentstar  Enhance Critical Thinking:

•   Explore creative ideas for deeper analysis.

•   Question and challenge ideas and assumptions.

•   Develop arguments with textural support.

•   Pursue self-designed projects and individual study.

•   Nurture curiosity and pathways of exploration.

•  Appreciate and acknowledge multiple types of intelligence.


star  Sandra Develops A Team Approach   

•  Communication with teachers, learning specialists, & deans.

•   Monthly Letters of specific progress, improvement, & recommendations.

•   School Visits of “student shadowing,” with strategies for success and academic intervention.

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Important Note :  Students at the Clifton Corner focus on improving critical thinking skills through individualized lessons to improve and enhance the individual journey of learning.  These strategic sessions are not designed to complete homework assignments.  Sandra extends and enriches the lifelong learning process for students through specific tools of Social and Emotional Intelligence, combined with academic coaching and strategies in Educational Therapy.

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