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The Student Strengths Profile is a unique compilation of assessments that Sandra created to provide families with insightful feedback to identify, outline, and explain the specific learning style of our Corner Kids. Through this multi-faceted intake, Sandra coaches children and their parents to recognize their individual "strengths and stretches" in school.  During Family Consultations, Sandra integrates tools of Social and Emotional Intelligence to help students and their families embrace their potential professional gifts as she gives direction about how clients can use their unique abilities to excel academically. Parents are able to take away concrete recommendations to guide decisions with school choice, study habits, learning strategies, teacher communication, curriculum selections, and college preparation.

"From my SSP Session with Miss Clifton, I learned that I am a 'Highly Sensitive Student.'  This helps because it taught me more about myself than I knew, showed me how I think through things, and how I can deal with stressful situations.  The assessment told me that I learn best socially and through music.  I think that this really helpful tool if you're struggling in school of life."  -A.C., Frank McCourt High School Freshman

"Thank for the excellent feedback session on Josh's 'Student Strengths Profile.'  It really reinforced some of the things Josh and I already know about him, and also provided us with additional insights that he can make use of both inside and outside of school.  For example, the SSP reinforced that Josh's mind works best when he is physically active.  Your analysis helped him to realize that if he has a long, complex school assignment, he will really benefit by thinking about it when he is physically active (such as while walking or running), and by being physically activity during break time. The feedback session was also a great opportunity for us to reflect on the different kinds of intelligence and effort involved in different kinds of school assignments, and how Josh might organize his assignments and time with that in mind.  This knowledge can be used help them develop creative strategies for overcoming challenges so that they can be the best students they can be.  Thank you for the opportunity to participate in the SSP!"--S.K., Parent of Berkeley Carroll Sophomore



Highly Sensitive Student: A distinct personality trait that affects as many as one in five people, a Highly Sensitive Person is in tune with the subtleties of his/her surroundings and is more easily overwhelmed in a highly stimulated environment. This assessment aims to see if your child identifies with these traits.

MMTIC: Modeled on the well-known Myers-Briggs Type Indicator® (MBTI), the Murphy-Meisgeier Type Indicator for Children® (MMTIC) is a self-reported assessment developed to measure psychological type preferences of 2nd-12th grade students.

Emotional Intelligence: Emotional intelligence allows a person to use their literacy and awareness of their own and other's emotions to effectively manage their interactions and relationships between people. This assessment is a tool used to measure how emotionally literate a person is in given situations and capacities such as: emotional self-management, empathy, and stress management.

Five Love Languages: The Love Language profile brings to light a person's emotional communication preference. This preference dictates which expressions and interpretations of love and camaraderie between another person one best responds to from parents and teachers.

Multiple Intelligences: This assessment helps students discover which intelligences are strongest for them, and which of those they use most often. The Multiple Intelligence Assessment highlights the methods in which we most enjoy learning by basing them on our natural talents.


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