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“Miss Clifton has helped me in many ways–not only with my academic performance, but with my personal confidence as well. My assignments have improved immensely since she started tutoring me: I recently scored one of the highest grades in my class on a Beowulf essay, and was thrilled with the ‘A’ on my history paper as well. Thanks, Miss C!” 
      –Katie Neal, Sophomore at the Professional Children's School

“Miss Clifton’s standards are set high, and she goes the extra mile in order for her students to rise to the occasion. This talented teacher has the unique ability to meet individuals at their level, and then gently moves them beyond even their own expectations.“
     –Dawn Froome, Poly Prep Parent

“Miss C is amazing: after working with her, I earned an 11 out of 12 on my SAT writing score. That’s awesome!"
     –Gen Swain, Poly Prep Senior

“Before I met Miss C, I was lost in English: I had no motivation and thought it was boring. She made it fun, and now I love to read!"
     –Dean Ginsberg, Poly Prep Junior

“Without Miss Clifton’s help on my term paper, I would be stressed out and lost. Miss C helped me to organize my time and gave me a clear sense of where I was going with this project!”
     –Kayla Raff, Poly Prep Freshman

“I had virtually given up on being a successful history student. However, once my tutoring sessions with Sandra began, I immediately saw a difference in my grades and especially my attitude toward history and writing. I was actually excited about those subjects for the first time in my life!”
     –Heather King, Chapin School Junior

“My daughter felt very positive about her time at Clifton Corner last week–we all feel it is going to make a difference. You seem to have a wonderful way with kids…she feels a very supportive connection with you–so thank you!”
     –Berkeley Carroll Middle School Parent

“I remember finishing novels like Fahrenheit 451 or To Kill a Mockingbird and walking through the world a completely different person. With each character analysis (fireworks!!!) I felt I was coming closer to understanding myself. It was addictive. I remember staying up until nearly four in the morning to finish a book because of this pang in my heart that would not allow me to sleep until I was “finished.” I never had that kind of drive until arriving at your class. Thank you!”
     –Ashley, Freshman at the Groton School Boarding School

Artwork by a Corner StudentAfter working with Sandra during my senior year to improve my writing, I graduated from Brearley and went on to earn no lower than an ‘A-’ on any essay during my entire freshman year!”
     –Nichole Davis, Dartmouth College

“Ms. Clifton taught me to elaborate on all of my ideas so that my writing can be AMAZING. We studied and prepared for many quizzes and tests together. This increased effort resulted in five straight ‘A’s’ in each of my subjects!”
     –Liz Curtis, Poly Prep–7th grade

“Sandra helps me deal with the obstacles of school and life. With her guidance, I earned a 97% on my English midterm–a huge improvement from the ‘B-’ scored last year! Sandra assisted with the composition of my essay for the Oxbridge program, and I was accepted to study in England this summer! As a result of tutoring and coaching at the Clifton Corner, I have been inspired to have more confidence and go the extra mile!”
     –Polly Rittenberg, Junior–Berkeley Carroll

I’m more than pleased. I know things aren’t perfect, but my son seems so much happier, more confident, and responsible.”
     –Susan, Xavarian High School Parent

“You don’t know how grateful we are to you for helping our child regain her self-confidence. You’ve made SUCH a difference in our daughter’s life!”
     –Packer Collegiate Parents of 7th grader


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