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Through six years of teaching Honors English at Prep for Prep, Sandra participated in countless team meetings, guided young scholars through their application essays, and became cognizant of the nuances and expectations involved for enrollment in the independent school world of New York City. Sandra then served on the faculty of three independent schools in Manhattan and Brooklyn:  The Professional Children’s School, Poly Prep Country Day School, and Packer Collegiate Institute.  Sandra learned additional angles about school placement through professional involvement in each unique school culture. As a member of these faculties, Sandra connected with prospective parents, interviewed interested applicants, mentored newly enrolled students, and helped families adjust successfully to demanding academic expectations.


Now in private practice as a Certified Educational Planner (CEP), Sandra helps families build a bridge from public school enrollment to private school acceptance by coaching clients through the application process for middle and upper school placement in Brooklyn and NYC.  Sandra inspires students to discover and articulate what is most important in their educational journey, and offers insight to parents about how to best address various issues of school stress when families seek perspective about if/when their children need new academic options. Sandra explores different educational environments with Brooklyn families based on their child’s emotional, social, and/or intellectual needs—usually integrating her knowledge of students through individualized sessions at the Clifton Corner.

As an integral part of the placement process, Sandra provides a unique assessment of individual gifts through the Students Strength Profile and confidence coaching for interviews. Sandra's background as a public speaking instructor both on the college and high-school level and experience in theatre productions as a full-time drama director offers additional angles of polish and poise to help students shine in the application process.  

After placement, Sandra works an ongoing educational consultant by attending school strategy sessions with parents and administrators for clients who are either “at risk” or in need of additional scholastic support. Sandra facilitates communication and connection between home and school through email correspondence and phone conversations with teachers, deans, administrators, and learning specialists in order to provide continued direction with school placement, academic interventions, and recommendations for “the best fit” for each individual child.

Here is a testimonial from a Corner Client:
Sandra Clifton worked a miracle for our family!  She helped my daughter get into a top private school even though the admission process was virtually closed.  Encouraging us every step of the way, Sandra calmly and methodically led us through the tedious process of not only targeting the schools that would best for my daughter, but also eventually selecting and getting our foot into the school that is perfectly suited for her interests, talents, and academic ability. -A. Firestone

Below is a brief list of private schools in Brooklyn and Manhattan where our clients

have been accepted in the last three years:

The Berkeley Carroll School


Friends Seminary


Packer Collegiate Institute

St. Saviour High School

Poly Prep Country Day

The Brooklyn Prospect Charter School


Brooklyn Friends School

The Dalton School

Elisabeth Irwin High School



Please click here to view the colleges and universities where Corner clients have been accepted.


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